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International Poet, Author, Speaker, Coach

Kc Gloer is an internationally recognized poet, author, speaker, and coach. She has dedicated her life to spreading hope, humanity, and love to others. Kc has touched the hearts of individuals around the world.

Kc's message of never giving up and her journey of resilience, courage, and grace has inspired many to find their own strength in difficult times. Her words and actions embody hope and love, shining a light on a world that can often feel dark and overwhelming.

Through her writing, speaking, and coaching, Kc continues to make a positive impact on the lives of others, inspiring them to embrace their own resilience and to never give up. Join Kc on her journey of spreading hope, humanity, and love to create a brighter, more inspired world.



A poster on nothing but lace poetry by Kc Gloer

Coach Lee Huffman

I know you are supposed to read a poetry book like you are drinking a fine cognac, one sip at a time (one poem at a time). I bought this book a few months ago and read it twice in the first night. I simply could not put it down. So, I ordered four more copies for some friends and then ordered eleven more copies as Christmas presents for couples who can read it together. 

Men, reading this book with your significant other will change your life. It will ignite a fire that you never knew you had. Trust me. It is worth the investment.


I think the best coaches ask the best questions. Through this book, the author helps readers bring out their most intimate and often venerable selves by posing the questions that help them to feel safe and desired. Beautifully and tastefully done.

Charity Quinn

Dear, dear Kc, your book came and it is pouring rain at the beach. A perfect day for reading but I don’t think I can really speak or write after reading such elegant words and feelings. Remember me when you are on The NY Times Best Seller List


A fun read - with blank pages to try writing your own poems

Dr. Jim Young

A rare talent, Kc is a poet on the verge of greatness—and her poetic renderings will surely awaken your spirit to depths of love. I can’t wait for her next book of poetry, or her first novel—all the while enjoying what Nothing But Lace brings to an open heart, filled with appreciation for her inspirational ways.

Tracy Chapman

Kc has a way with words that evokes emotion, desire, fantasy and love. She captures what many of us want - that essence of sensuality and passion that puts into words our deepest desire to connect with ourselves and others in beauty, emotion and touch. It is just the right balance of creating the images and feelings within you, while leaving room for your imagination to fill in the details and expand upon the fire rising inside of you.

Melinda Kraft

I have been following Kc's work for some time on Facebook and always knew her abundant talent was ripe for a book of her musings, and she has definitely delivered with this outing.

Lovely, sensual, beautiful metaphors and analogies, and love! love! love! As a poet of romance myself, I would recommend this volume to anyone wanting to explore the deeper reaches of the greatest thing in the world - love between two people.

Andrea Sternagel

Not normally a real fan of poetry,  but I love this poetry. The author does a good job of connecting with her readers.

Peter Duff

This is a great icebreaker for those who are sensually timid. Kind and sweet, hot but not pornographic.

Give it a try, talk about how you feel. Highly recommended.

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